About Us

Test of Time

Time is the ultimate test of greatness. Precious metals are coveted for their ability to withstand intense environments and the degradation of passing seasons.

As New Mexico’s leading registered agent service, we have stood the test of time. Our promise of local expertise, gold-standard service, and personalized customer care has consistently remained unmatched by our competitors.

Our New Mexico BuildingOur New Mexico Registered Agent Building

We’re locals. In fact, we own our building located in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico. So, when you hire us, we’ll list our local New Mexico business address on the public record instead of your personal address. Our team has decades of hands-on experience filing New Mexico business forms and helping maintain successful local companies. We do it every single day.

Our staff is made up of New Mexico residents—individuals who live and breathe New Mexico businesses and the state statutes that guide them. Everything we do is in-house—nothing is contracted out to third parties. So, you can trust that your business will always receive our gold-standard service from real humans, actual residents of New Mexico.

We are powered by passion and ambition—fires that have fueled us from the beginning. We’ve expanded our services, fine-tuned our performance, and established the gold standard of registered agent service. Many years later, we own our building and are confidently paces ahead of our competition.

Leaders aren’t born. They’re made through the test of time—just like High Desert Corporate Filings LLC. We’ll be here each day doing what we do best so you can have the best.

Our Commitment

We vow to never solicit your business through 
fear-mongering tactics and sensationalism.

Over the years, we have seen registered agent services incite paranoia about asset protection and lawsuits to sell people fake products that are riddled with legal holes. These companies never make it because their service is built on a foundation of falsehood.

We vow to do business in New Mexico.

Our office is in New Mexico, in our own building. Many companies try to sell NM registered agent services from rented offices. They don’t live here in state and their services are not compliant with New Mexico law. We promise you that our office will always be in New Mexico and that your documents will be received during normal business hours, no matter what.

We vow to train to be the best.

For the past decade, New Mexico business law has been in its adolescence. It’s been ten years of adapting to an understaffed, confused, and temperamental Secretary of State. We’ve made it through these rough years. We’re trusted by the NM SOS and have established a relationship.

We make sure our staff is up to date on all New Mexico business law. We consistently train our staff to be more knowledgeable, more detail oriented, and better at communicating with our customers. We provide education for our IT staff on cutting edge procedures and security. We’re committed to making that investment and pledging the time and resources to improving our performance.

Time. That’s what it takes. We’ve outlasted everyone else and because of that, we’re primed for peak performance, no matter what comes next.

Our Journey to the Lead

Our office is located in Albuquerque. We own our own building to provide you the ultimate security and stability, along with a wide range of products. Our employees are happy. Our customers are happy. We’ve invested in the long term, and we’re here to stay.

These are the landmarks on our journey to being the leader in New Mexico registered agent services. They are achievements that have confirmed what we’ve known from the beginning: being the best takes a commitment to reliability, dedication, and gold-standard service.