New Mexico Business Presence


Start reaching customers the moment you form your LLC or corporation.

Free Domain for First Year*
Business Website
SSL Security
Professional Email
Phone Service

*Free domain for 1 year (up to $25 value). All other services FREE for 90 days, then $9/month per service. Save 20% when you keep all NM Business Presence services. Easy to cancel.


Our New Mexico Business Presence Package

What you get when you add New Mexico Business Presence to your Company Formation or Registered Agent order.

Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is the address for your website. Get yours free for the first year (up to $25 value).


Website & SSL Security

Business website you can customize to your needs. SSL security protects website data from hackers.


Professional Email Service

Secure, ad-free email for professional communication. Get up to 10 professional email addresses.


Business Phone Number

Private business phone line (with a New Mexico area code) you can access through your own phone or computer.


Create Your Business Presence

Domain Name

Registering a domain name is the first step to starting a website for your business. We’ll help you select and register a domain of your choice.

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is the address for your website. For example, our domain is Domains are registered through domain registrars (like ours!) and need to be renewed (usually annually).

How do I choose a domain name?

Here’s how to choose a domain name for your business in 3 steps.

  1. Choose a domain that matches or complements your business name. For example, a solar energy business in Taos called Restorative Rays might choose the domain “” or “”
  2. Choose a domain extension (also called top-level domain or TLD). The most common domain extension is .com, but you can choose from a range of extensions, including .net and .org.
  3. Find out if your preferred domain is available and how much it costs.

When you sign up for domain registration with us, we’ll help you find an available domain in your price range.

How much does it cost to get a domain name?

The cost will depend on the domain registrar you use and the market value of the domain. Domains that are in higher demand will be more expensive, and some TLDs are pricier than others. (For example, .com domains tend to be a little more expensive than .net domains.)

With New Mexico Business Presence, domains are free up to $25 for an entire year. For domains valued over $25, you get $25 off the total price of the domain. After the first year, the price will depend on the value of the domain, but the most common price for our domains is just $25/year.

Business Website

We make it easy for anyone to create an attractive, custom website for their business. Our website builder comes with a pre-built, customizable template with a Homepage, About Us page, and Contact Us form. You can add your own text, images, and videos to your site using drag-and-drop tools.

How do I create a website for my business?

If you’re not a coder and want to create your website yourself, you’ll probably use a website-building service to get started. When you get a business website from us, our web support team will call you in approximately 1-2 business days to walk you through the process of setting up your site. Some of our competitors charge an extra fee to speak to a real human being, but that’s not our style. We make it easy to reach us, and we’ll stay on the line with you as long as you need.

Can I transfer my website to another web host if I cancel?

Yes! A lot of website-building services use proprietary software, which means your website is technically owned by them. If you cancel the service, you’ll lose access to your website. Not us. Our website builder uses open source software, so even if you decide to cancel our service, you can keep using your site through another web hosting platform.

Plus, unlike a lot of website builders that tack your domain name onto theirs, like “,” with New Mexico Registered Agent, your website belongs to you, not us, and so does your domain. So the address for your website would simply be “” or whatever you choose.

SSL Security

SSL security is essential for keeping the information shared through your website out of the wrong hands. It also shows site visitors that your website is secure and trustworthy.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer.” It’s a security protocol that encrypts the data transmitted through the website, keeping it from being intercepted by hackers. Websites that have SSL security have “HTTPS” at the beginning of their URL, instead of “HTTP.”

Does my website need SSL security?

Most likely, yes. Websites without SSL security are flagged by search engines as “not secure,” and they won’t show up in search results. Without up-to-date SSL security, visitors will get a warning that your site isn’t safe. This isn’t good for reaching customers and doing business online. If you plan to have e-commerce on your website, it’s especially important to have SSL, which protects your customers’ financial data.

Professional Email Service

To make a good impression with clients, you need a professional email address that’s clearly linked to your business. With our business email service, you get up to ten secure email addresses ending in your unique domain. (For example: [email protected].)

How do I make my email address professional?

It helps if your business email address has a unique domain that matches your business name. Business and marketing emails that end in a generic domain (,, etc.) are likely to go straight to the spam folder. Customers may even mistake your business for a scam. Having an email address with your business name in the domain makes your business look legitimate and like it’s been around for a while.

Additionally, even if you’re the only person working at your business, you can make your business look larger and more established by having multiple email addresses linked to the same domain, such as [email protected], [email protected], etc.

Business Phone Number

With New Mexico Business Presence, you get a private business phone line you can access from any internet-connected device, using our free iOS or Android app. You can even choose your own phone number (with a local New Mexico area code!). Our phone service comes with unlimited talk and text, call forwarding, Visual Voicemail, Outbound Caller ID Display of your company name, and lifetime customer support from our local Albuquerque team.

Do I need a business phone number?

Many small business owners use their personal phone number for business, but this can get you into trouble. For one thing, when the phone rings, you may not know whether it’s a business or personal call. If a customer calls about an order and you answer, “This is Cheryl,” they may question the professionalism of your business.

Even more importantly, putting your personal phone number on your website and social media makes you vulnerable to spammers, scammers, and other creeps. Better to keep your personal contact information private and use a dedicated business phone number instead.

Business Presence Pricing and Discount Options

PRO TIP: Save 20% when you keep the entire bundle.

Trial Information and Pricing

Business Presence Service

Trial Information and Pricing

Domain Name
Free for 1 year*
Website & Web Hosting
First 90 days free, then $9/month
SSL Security
First 90 days free, then $9/month
Business Email
First 90 days free, then $9/month
Phone Service
First 90 days free, then $9/month

*Domains up to $25 in value are free for first year. For domains valued over $25, $25 is subtracted from the total price of the domain. After 1 year, domains renew for an annual price based on market value.

How to Sign Up for New Mexico Business Presence

You can add New Mexico Business Presence to your order when you sign up for company formation or registered agent service. Here’s how it works:

1. Hire us.

Choose between company formation ($100 + state fees) and stand-alone registered agent service ($35/year).

2. Choose New Mexico Business Presence.

Keep the item New Mexico Business Presence selected in the Order Form.

3. Complete your order.

After you complete your order, you’ll be directed to log in to your client account.

4. Choose your domain.

In your client account, you’ll be prompted to choose a domain. Your domain is the address for your website, like This will also be the domain for your professional email. (For example: [email protected].)

5. Set a password for your professional email.

Next, you’ll be prompted to set up your professional email password. You can choose up to 10 email addresses linked to your business domain.

6. Our web support team can help set up your website.

We’ll call you soon after you order (typically within 1-2 business days) to help you set up your website and other services. Our web experts can walk you through the entire process of creating your website over the phone. It’s a good idea to think about what design and content features you would like on your website, such as colors, fonts, photos, mission statement, and company backstory.

7. Enjoy all Business Presence services free for 90 days.

After 90 days, decide whether to keep all services for a 20% discount, or choose the services you want and drop the rest. Your domain is free for an entire year (up to $25 value). It’s easy to cancel at any time inside your client account.

Why Choose New Mexico Registered Agent?

Here’s what we offer that our competitors don’t.

Everything, all in one place. No need to keep track of multiple accounts and payments.

Local customer support. Get help from a real person whenever you need it.

Privacy guaranteed. We will NEVER sell your data to third parties.

You own your website. Create your site with open source software you can take anywhere.

No upfront cost. Try our services risk-free for 90 days, with easy cancellation at any time.

Only keep the services you want. After 90 days, choose whether to keep the whole bundle or only the services you need.