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For as low as $225, we provide a total incorporation package: your state filing fees, initial report, a full year of registered agent service, custom documents, a business address, business presence tools, and more!

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Forming a New Mexico Corporation

Interested in forming a corporation in the Land of Enchantment? All New Mexico corporations start the same way—by submitting Articles of Incorporation to the New Mexico Secretary of State Corporations Bureau. Corporations will also need to file an Initial Corporate Report and get an EIN from the IRS. Some corporations may also need licenses or a corporate bank account.

Sound like a lot? Let us incorporate your New Mexico business. At High Desert Corporate Filings LLC, we form New Mexico corporations daily, and we know exactly what it takes to make your corporation a reality. We can even set you up with a business website and dedicated phone line.

New Mexico Corporation Package

For as low as $225, we provide a total incorporation package, including state filing fees, a full year of registered agent service, custom documents and more!

What you get:

  • One Year New Mexico Registered Agent Service
  • Immediate Access to Secure Digital Client Account
  • Same-Day Document Scans for All Service of Process
  • Initial and Biennial Report Service and Reminders
  • Expert Customer Service Support
  • Use of Our New Mexico Business Address 
  • Custom Documents: Bylaws, Initial Resolutions and More!
  • Business Presence Tools: Domain Name, Website, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • Option to add Trade Name Service (DBA) for $125 plus state fees after purchasing a business formation package

Business presence tools come with your formation package at no additional cost. You can cancel at any time.

New Mexico Corporation Package

What we charge:




New Mexico State Filing Fees
Our Formation Service Fee
1 Year of Registered Agent Service

Additional Services

Want extras? While our formation package is already comprehensive at a competitive price, we’re happy to provide additional items and services such as corporate books and seals, an Apostille with overnight shipping, or even a full virtual office. We can also file amendments to add a DBA for $125 plus state fees. Check out our full range of additional services on our order form or looking in your client portal.

How to Form a New Mexico Corporation

Order Our NM Incorporation Service

Answer a few brief questions about your business, and we’ll draft and submit your New Mexico Articles of Incorporation within 24 hours. We’ll follow through with the Corporations Bureau and notify you when your corporation has been approved.

Get Instant Access to Your Client Account

After you sign up, you get immediate access to your secure digital client portal where you can store and manage all your scanned documents. You’ll also have access to useful New Mexico business forms, pre-filled with your current information, and our business presence tools (website, email, phone).

Enjoy Our Registered Agent Service

Our formation services package includes a year of our expert registered agent service. Our New Mexico registered agent service ensures you never miss an important document and that you maintain good standing with the Secretary of State. Renewals are at the same low price—$35 a year.

At High Desert Corporate Filings LLC, we can form your corporation and give you all the support you need. If you’re curious about how the incorporation process works, check out the walk-through guide below.

New Mexico Articles of Incorporation:

Walk-Through Guide

To legally form your corporation, New Mexico Articles of Incorporation are submitted to the Corporations Bureau. Each Article provides essential information about your New Mexico corporation, as described below:

Article One: Corporation Name

Your New Mexico corporation’s name must include one of the following words or abbreviations: Corporation (Corp.), Company (Co.), Incorporated (Inc.), or Limited (Ltd.). To check availability, conduct a Business Search on the Corporations and Business Services website.

Article Two: Period of Duration

Duration is how long your New Mexico corporation will exist. Most corporations are perpetual, meaning they continue indefinitely. You can, however, include either a specific time period for your company to exist (such as ten years) or a future end date.

Article Three: Purpose

Purpose is the reason for your New Mexico corporation’s existence. New Mexico requires a specific purpose, so you can’t simply put a general purpose such as “to engage in lawful business in New Mexico” (although you can include this as part of your purpose). A specific purpose should include the type of business you are conducting, such as “motorcycle repair and maintenance.”

Article Four: Authorized Shares

You must list the aggregate (total) number of shares you’re authorizing for your New Mexico corporation. Authorizing is creating shares—you can issue some or all of these shares later on at your corporation’s organizational meeting. If you want to offer series or classes of shares (such as common or preferred shares) or if you want to limit preemptive rights to acquire unissued shares, you’ll need to attach a statement explaining these specifications.If you authorize more than 100,000 shares, your New Mexico Articles of Incorporation filing fee will increase by $1 for every 1000 shares (rounding up to the nearest dollar). The maximum filing fee is $1000.

Article Five: Registered Agent and Office

Your New Mexico registered agent accepts service of process and legal notifications on behalf of your corporation. A registered agent must be regularly available during business hours at a registered office—a designated physical location in New Mexico. You’ll need to include the name of your registered agent and the street address of the registered office in your Articles.

Article Six: Directors

Your New Mexico corporation is required to have at least one director. In your Articles, include the name and address of each director.

Article Seven: Incorporators

Incorporators sign and submit your New Mexico Articles of Incorporation. Incorporators must include their names and addresses. Your incorporator doesn’t have to be a director, officer, or anyone with ownership interest in your corporation. If you hire us, we’ll be your incorporator.

Two additional documents must be submitted along with your New Mexico Articles of Incorporation: a Statement of Acceptance of Appointment and a Document Delivery Instruction Form.


Your registered agent will need to sign a form entitled “Statement of Acceptance of Appointment by Designated Initial Registered Agent,” acknowledging that they have accepted the role as registered agent for your corporation. Your registered agent can be an individual (such as yourself) or a business (such as High Desert Corporate Filings LLC). Your corporation, however, can’t be its own registered agent. At High Desert Corporate Filings LLC, we provide expert registered agent service to New Mexico businesses for just $35 a year. We scan documents daily to ensure you never miss a critical notification. We also help you avoid the spam and hassle of a publicly-listed address. By listing our commercial address, you can keep your own address off of public business filings like your New Mexico Articles of Incorporation.


Once your New Mexico Articles of Incorporation are approved, you’ll receive a Certificate of Incorporation and one of the copies of the Articles you originally submitted. On the Document Delivery Instruction Form, you’ll designate how you’d like to receive these documents. You can choose to pick up the documents at the Corporations Bureau or to have the documents mailed to an address you provide.

Out-of-State Corporation Registration

If you want your corporation to start doing business in New Mexico, it needs to be registered with the state first. Like an out-of-state LLC, an out-of-state corporation also must have a New Mexico registered agent.

Submit Your New Mexico Articles of Incorporation

You can download a New Mexico Articles of Incorporation form from the New Mexico Secretary of State Corporations Bureau. You can submit your form by mail or in person.

What to Include:

  • 2 copies of the New Mexico Articles of Incorporation
  • Check or money order with the filing fee
  • Statement of Acceptance of Appointment
  • Document Delivery Instruction Form


Filing Fees:

The filing fee is $1 for every 1000 shares.

  • Minimum filing fee: $125 (up to 100,000 shares)
  • Maximum filing fee: $1000

New Mexico typically processes filings within 30 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Initial and Biennial Reports?

These are mandatory reports that New Mexico corporations submit to the Corporations Bureau in order to update ownership and contact information. The Initial Corporate Report must be filed within 30 days of your corporation’s formation. The $25 fee is included in the $125 incorporation total. Every two years, you’ll need to submit a Biennial Report (even if none of your information has changed). Reports are filed online, using the Corporations and Business Services portal. You’ll need to create an account if you don’t have one already.

Initial Corporate Report

  • Due: within 30 days of formation
  • Fee: $25


Biennial Report

  • Due: every other year on the 15th day of the third month following the end of the fiscal year
  • Fee: $25
What Happens If I Don’t File My Reports?

If you fail to file either Initial or Biennial Reports, you’ll get hit with a $200 penalty. If you remain in default for more than sixty days, the Secretary of State will cancel the corporation’s Certificate of Incorporation. When you hire us to form your business and sign up for biennial renewal service, we’ll file your initial and biennial reports for you!

Do I Need to File a Beneficial Ownership Information Report?

Yes, as of 2024, most companies doing business in the US must submit a Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). This required federal filing shows who is in control of (or benefiting financially from) your company by recording the legal name, address, and tax ID for the company. Beneficial owners and company applicants (in the case of new businesses) must also record their legal name, date of birth, address, and a copy of a non-expired ID (driver’s license or passport).

The Beneficial Ownership Information report is not public and there is no filing fee. If you formed your company prior to 2024, you have the rest of 2024 to file your report. Formed during 2024? Your BOI report is due within 30 days of forming your company. Companies incorporated in 2025 or later have 30 days to report.

If you don’t want to worry about another filing while you focus on incorporating in New Mexico, you can hire us to file your report with FinCEN. Our quick and secure BOI report filing will only cost you an extra $25.

Do I Need a New Mexico Business License?

New Mexico doesn’t require a general business license, but specific professions and business activities (from banking to construction) require licenses or permits. You can apply for licenses from the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department.

Does My New Mexico Corporation Need an EIN?

Yes, corporations are required to get an Employer Identification Number. The IRS will use this federal tax ID to identify your business on tax filings. To get an EIN, you can apply directly from the IRS website (or add EIN service to our formation services package).

Can I Make an Anonymous New Mexico Corporation?

While you can make an anonymous New Mexico LLC, New Mexico corporations don’t have the same degree of anonymity. New Mexico’s Articles of Incorporation and Annual Report require corporations to provide more information to the state, such as the names of directors.

Do You Offer Business Website or Phone Services?

Yes, we do. Our business presence tools include: domain name, open-source website, email address, and business phone. You get to choose your own domain name, and you own all of the data on our site. For your business phone line, you’ll get a number with a New Mexico area code. You can access phone service using your computer or our smart phone app.

All of these services are a great way to separate your personal from your business communications, so you can keep your personal email and phone private. There’s no additional upfront cost to add these services and you can cancel any time.

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At High Desert Corporate Filings LLC, we make forming a New Mexico corporation easy. We give you everything you need to launch: registered agent service, expert support, custom documents and more. Don’t wait—sign up today!