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New Mexico registered agent service in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

New Mexico registered agent service for $49 a year.

High Desert Corporate Filings LLC is a New Mexico registered agent service that helps out of state businesses register to do business in New Mexico, and helps keep local NM businesses in good standing with the New Mexico Secretary of State by acting as their NM registered agent. We will send you timely reminders to file your annual reports, and you can always track your due dates and view your documents in your online client account.

Whether you are forming, a New Mexico corporation, a New Mexico LLC, registering an out of state entity in New Mexico for a certificate of authority or certificate of registration, or just getting ready to incorporate in New Mexico, you’ll need a New Mexico registered agent.

With our New Mexico registered agent service, you get:

  • A secure online account to view and download your documents.
  • Annual report reminders.
  • Pre-populated forms for New Mexico business filings.
  • Resources and information for New Mexico businesses.
  • Documents are uploaded immediately to your online account.
  • An invoice asking you to renew each year (no automatic charges).
  • A price that stays the same every year.
  • No hidden or forwarding fees.

All service of process and important documents are uploaded into your online account immediately in full scan. It’s that simple. We also have some valuable New Mexico tax info for you as well.

The New Mexico Corporations Bureau requires that signatures on documents for corporations be originals. We have to sign your form as your registered agent and it must be an original signature. If you order service, we mail these to you the same day you sign up for service.

Does your out of state corporation or LLC need to do business in New Mexico?

Foreign New Mexico LLC’s have a $100 state filing fee, and require a New Mexico registered agent. Foreign New Mexico corporations have a $200 minimum state filing fee (fees are determined by the number of authorized shares and the estimated dollar amounts given in item #10 of the application), and must have a New Mexico registered agent.

When filing a New Mexico certificate of authority as a New Mexico foreign LLC or foreign corporation, you will need to get a certificate of good standing (current within 30 days) from your home state. It needs to be an original copy unless filing it was issued electronically. Here is a list of home state fees from some of the common states that people are from:

  • Texas: $15
  • Arizona: $45
  • Colorado: $0

Need to form a New Mexico LLC or corporation?

A domestic New Mexico LLC costs $50 to file. The fee for a New Mexico corporation is $100 to file. All domestic entities must maintain a New Mexico registered agent.

You can make these filings by submitting the forms and a check payment to the New Mexico Secretary of State at the address listed above. Domestic LLCs can be formed online. You can also walk in your filings to the Secretary of State.

Normal filings are processed by the state in about 3 months after the state receives them, but LLCs are processed in 3 days online. If you pay a $150 expedite fee, corporations get done within 5 days. For a $350 expedite fee, it gets done within 24 hours. If you’re really in a hurry, you can pay an extra $450 and it will be processed the same day.

Once registered to do business, New Mexico corporations must file an initial report is due within 30 days of filing and a biennial report is due on March 15th. Biennial reports cost $25 for profit corporations) or $10 for non-profits. The only way to file your biennial report is by mail. New Mexico LLC’s are not required to file reports. Failure to file a report results in a $200 late fee.

Upon signing up for our registered agent service, you’ll see all the necessary forms you need, pre-signed (if needed) by us to make your filing, in your online account.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about New Mexico incorporation or our New Mexico registered agent service. We would love to have your business, and it actually means something to us. We aren’t a huge company, but we have the resources in place to make sure we stay at the top of our game. We get the job done without a bunch of red tape and hidden fees. You can get a live person on the phone, and our paralegals should be able to answer any question you might have about registered agent service, and New Mexico incorporation. Thank you for your time and the opportunity to serve you.