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A New Mexico registered agent is the most pivotal part of maintaining a business registration in New Mexico. In New Mexico, LLCs are not required to submit annual reports. This means that after formation, your New Mexico registered agent is the only liaison between your LLC and the rest of the world. It’s a choice that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What is a New Mexico Registered Agent?

A New Mexico registered agent is the person or company that is responsible for receiving any legal notices concerning your business. The name and address of your New Mexico registered agent is listed on the document that forms your business with the New Mexico Secretary of State. All legal notices, including legal summons, must be sent to that address. All NM business entities are required to have a registered agent.

What Makes Us The Best?

High Desert Corporate Filings LLC is the leader in New Mexico registered agent services. We understand the importance of privacy and trust. And we have the resources to offer you more for less, like our website and business phone services. Because of this, we have outlasted our competition and watched other registered agent companies make empty promises and fall short on their commitment to their customers. We stand by our claim that we are the best choice for your New Mexico registered agent, and we will go the distance to prove it.

We Are Your LLC's Liaison

When you form an LLC in New Mexico, the only connection between you and the state is your registered agent. Your registered agent is responsible for receiving any critical legal correspondence on behalf of the LLC. The name and address of your NM registered agent is the only information that is publicly known. We take this job seriously and vow to protect your privacy.

When you hire High Desert Corporate Filings LLC as your registered agent, we provide you access to a highly secure client account where you can find all of your business formation documents. In addition to your LLC’s important documents, this is where we provide a private PDF of any correspondence we receive on your behalf that can be easily downloaded for your use.

Plus, we offer a wide range of additional business services to increase your privacy and make your business look more professional. These include business address, mail forwarding, virtual office, domain name, website, email, and business phone services.

Included with our New Mexico registered agent service:



Our office is located in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Notifications to your LLC or corporation will be digitally scanned within minutes of receipt.

Online Account

All business formation documents we receive on your behalf are uploaded to your online, secure client account.

Same Price

$35. The price of our registered agent service stays the same year after year.

More Services

We offer additional business resources, including website, email, and business address & phone services.


Our entity management software and business tools are the best of the best, maintained by a team of experts.

Real Privacy

We ensure that the security of your personal information is kept private.

For Life

We stand by our customers from day one, through the life of their business.

Registered Agent Requirements:

A New Mexico registered agent is required to be physically present during normal business hours at the registered office location that is provided on the business formation documents.

Who Can Be A Registered Agent?

Any person or business entity in New Mexico can be a registered agent. The only necessary requirements are that they have a physical address in New Mexico and that they understand that their personal information will be made public once the business is formed.

Appoint a Registered Agent:

Your NM registered agent is appointed when you file your business formation papers with the New Mexico Secretary of State. You can change your registered agent at any time by filing the necessary documentation with the New Mexico Secretary of State.

A commercial registered agent
in New Mexico

A commercial registered agent is a registered agent that offers registered agent services as a business. Commercial registered agents are required to forward any documents or items to their clients. High Desert Corporate Filings LLC forwards documents and scans them to a secure client account for your convenience.

Change New Mexico Registered Agents

There are companies that sell registered agent services, and then there are registered agent service companies. We are a company that specializes in registered agent service. If you are ready to elevate your registered agent service, click to find out more on how to change your registered agent today.

Privacy is Our Privilege

Because of New Mexico’s unique LLC laws, the state has attracted a barrage of bottom-rung businesses eager to peddle you gimmicks and up-sells with fear mongering tactics and sensationalism.

We don’t do that.

In fact, we don’t have to. We outlast these companies time and time again. We provide you with the most private LLC in New Mexico because our office is in Albuquerque. It’s not rented or “virtual.” It’s a real office. Our stability and longevity have earned trust from the state of New Mexico and have solidified our guaranteed ability to keep your privacy and information secure. If you need a business address, mail forwarding, or a full virtual office to protect your privacy beyond the secretary of state, we have services to meet those needs too.

When you hire us as your registered agent, you don’t have to worry about our company moving, dissolving, or disappearing. When you’re the leader in registered agent services, you know the dedication it takes to get to the top, and that’s not a position we’re willing to give up.

Invisible, But Never Neglected

The information you provide to us never leaves our office. We supply the New Mexico Secretary of State with only what is required. Your identity is truly concealed and protected.

This doesn’t mean that once your company is formed, that you’re off of our radar. We’re at your side for as long as you’ll have us. Our business specialists are always available for your assistance and our team is always striving to improve our service to you.

Forming a New Mexico LLC?

If you’re ready to form your New Mexico LLC, rest assured that your personal information will never be shared publicly. We protect your anonymity and secure all data provided to us. Plus, we can provide you with additional services, including website, email, and business phone.

Once we receive your order, we process your filing immediately. Our office is located right in Albuquerque.