New Mexico Mail Forwarding

$49 OR $99Per Year

Professional +

Our New Mexico Mail Forwarding Services make obtaining a physical, commercial address for your New Mexico business effortless. When you order Mail Forwarding, you can rest assured that your business documents are in reliable hands.

As our registered agent client, you already get legal and Secretary of State mail uploaded to your account for free. You also get 3 free regular mail uploads per year. If you expect more mail, upgrade to one of our premium mail forwarding options.

$49/Year Mail Forwarding

Includes a unique suite number and processing of 10 additional documents to your account (13 total).

$99/Year Mail Forwarding

Provides a unique suite number and processing of 25 additional documents to your account (28 total).

Virtual Office

Virtual Office is the ideal upgrade for unlimited document uploads, a unique suite number, office lease, business phone service and more. You can easily upgrade to Virtual Office in your client account.

You can sign up for Mail Forwarding by selecting Our New Mexico Address in the order form. We’ll send you your unique suite number, and you can immediately begin using your business address.

We will upload your business’s mail to your secure account on the same business day it’s received. Your documents are then stored as easily accessible .pdfs for viewing, downloading, or printing. Should your business mail requirements change, you can switch packages or upgrade to Virtual Office with unlimited mail forwarding anytime.

A Registered Agent for Business Mail Forwarding Just Makes Sense

As registered agents, we deal in crucial, private mail all day, every day. That means with us you get:

  • Professionalism. A unique suite number at our Albuquerque commercial building gives your company a professional look.
  • Privacy. A mail forwarding or virtual office business address in place helps keep your personal address private.
  • Affordability. You’re getting your own unique (virtual) office suite number in a commercial, physical building for less than a PO Box.
  • Accessibility. Ideal for business owners on the go, your documents are always no further away than your smart phone.
  • Consistency. Since we own our building, we aren’t going anywhere, and that means neither is your New Mexico Mail Forwarding address.

New Mexico Mail Forwarding Options

Find the New Mexico Mail Forwarding or Virtual Office service to match your company’s needs.

$49/Year Mail Forwarding $99/Year Mail Forwarding $19/Month Virtual Office
Business Address
Secure Online Account
Phone Service ✓* ✓*
Unique Suite Number
Office Lease
Same Day Mail Scans 10 per year** 25 per year*** unlimited
Meeting Room Access

*90 free days included. Phone Service renews at $9/month.
**Free increase to 13 per year when purchased with registered agent service.
***Free increase to 28 per year when purchased with registered agent service.

New Mexico Mail Forwarding Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if I Get More Mail than My Mail Forwarding Service Includes?

Don’t panic. We make it simple. All of our clients automatically receive three free mail uploads, and of course all your registered agent documents (secretary of state and legal mail) are received and uploaded as part of your registered agent service. Beyond that, our goal is for you to pay only for what you need. Start with the plan that makes the most sense to you. If you find that you need more or less included, you can upgrade or downgrade as needed.

If you still surpass your document limit, we’ll accept and upload your document and notify you. If you choose to, you can pay a per document fee to unlock the document.

What If I Need The Physical Copy of My Mail?

You can click to request the physical copy of your mail easily inside your account. If you receive something like a business bank card that you need physically forwarded, simply click to have it forwarded, confirm your forwarding address, and pay the shipping fee, and we’ll make sure you get what you need.

Please note, we are unable to infinitely store all physical copies of all of our clients’ mail. After 90 days documents are securely shredded and recycled, so please request forwarding as soon as possible.

How Does Mail Forwarding Protect My Privacy?

Many New Mexico businesses do not operate out of a brick and mortar commercial space. If you’re one of the thousands of business owners who operates out of your home, favorite coffee shop, or on a tropical beach, you’ll probably want a different address to list publicly with the state, clients, or vendors for your business. Using our Mail Forwarding provides your New Mexico LLC, corporation, or other business with a professional, searchable address, while protecting your home address.

What Happens to Junk Mail?

This is one of the coolest perks of our address and mail services: we take care of your junk mail for you. If you’ve opened a business before, you may know that as soon as you make it official and list an address on public record, that address gets heavily spammed by b2b marketers, scammers, etc. We don’t waste your document count on anything that looks like junk mail. We simply shred and recycle it, saving you quite a mess and hassle.

Michael P, Yelp Review

Great service. You can manage all your filings from any state if you wish. Your mail is sent to you online and pdf.

They answer their phones and respond.